Man jadda wajada.
Ganbareba nandemo dekiru.

Badwi currently speaks Bahasa Indonesia and Javanese. As for English, he can read it only. And of course he is improving the ability to speak or comprehend it.

He had been learning the basic of a few languages, such as Korean, Japanese and Deutsch, and of course Arabic, as he is a Muslim. And now, he learns computer languages, as he wants to be a programmer.

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I have several blogs in various blogging platforms and for several spesific purposes each blog. Here are the aggregation of them.

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Handing Down

A Blogspot blog with a custom domain. I try to help preserving the usage of Javanese text in this modern era. You need to install Javanese Unicode fonts to be able to read the blog. Windows 8.1 has them by default.


WordPress Blog

My blog. Written in simple English. Filled with Open Source and Linux Ubuntu related topics as well as my programming journey.


Code Poem

A Github Page powered website. Intended for programming related blog, particularly Qt C++ and PHP.


Free Reading

Dropbox powered website. Intended for ePub sharing site.


Android Apps

I have developed a Cordova powered Android game. It is available for browser as well.


Ubuntu Apps

I am Ubuntu user for a couple of years now. I try to contribute to the community. Please check out my Launchpad profile to see my public project.


My Github

My recent activity on Github.


My Goodreads

My recent activity on Goodreads.


Get In Touch

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